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Video Poker in has been getting an increasing number of users and players thanks to the great success it has had among citizens. One of the main reasons is that has always had tradition of letters, either muss, tutee, the barter or other games like poach, the seven and a half (in the style of blackjack) or basket, the latter with letters video poker. Take an advantage of playing casino at www.bestcasinobonuses24.com with casino bonuses it offers.

Due to the success of online poker rooms and the large number of players they had in Spain and the extreme antiquity that had the law of the game and not considering the possibility that he might be the online poker, the government approved in 2011 the new law of the game and the two royal decrees that complement it.

After the period necessary for the delivery of licenses, since June 2012, is fully regulated online poker in Spain, so that players can only play in those rooms authorized by the Spanish government and DOG.

A fact that allows players have the confidence to be playing in a free spins room completely legal and in the event of any inconvenience to have legal support which ensures DOG. On this page you can find, in addition to information on the law, with a specific major video poker tournaments held.